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If you just finished one of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s more recent novels, you are probably looking for more. 

Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find all of the Taylor Jenkins Reid books in order along with a brief description so you can know which one you want to dive into next. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid Books in Order

Who is Taylor Jenkins Reid?

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a New York Times bestselling author based in Los Angeles. She is known for her captivating stories that range from complex relationships, family dynamics, and personal growth to historical fiction. Her books are widely acclaimed for their emotional depth, original characters, and thought-provoking themes.

Reid has become one of the most popular authors since her debut novel in 2013. But she did not have a bestseller until she published her fifth book, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo in 2017, which has since sold more than one million copies. 

Her popularity continued to grow when Daisy Jones & the Six was picked up by the Reese Witherspoon Book Club in March 2019. It has been adapted for television. The Daisy Jones & the Six TV series was released on March 3, 2023 on Amazon Prime. 

If Reid’s books have a common theme, it’s the treatment of women in America’s recent history. 

“I work really hard to write books that are saying something about what it means to be a woman and how society treats women,” Reid said in an interview with Glamour. 

Do You Need to Read Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Books in Order?

No. All of Reid’s books are standalone books, meaning that none of Reid’s books are part of a series in which you would want to start at the beginning. So jump into the book that sounds like a book you would like. 

However, her four most recent books that fall in the historical fiction genre do have some crossover characters. 

Where Should You Start or What Should You Read Next? 

The first book I read by Reid was Daisy Jones & the Six when it first came out in 2019. 

I think this is a great place to start. That being said, it was so unique, I didn’t really know how her others would stand up against it. 

If you want to get a taste for her style to see if Reid’s books align with books you typically like, you can also start with the Evidence of the Affair, which is a short story, but it gets just as much praise as her longer novels.

I recommend reading through the descriptions below and start with the one that pulls you in the most. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid Books: The Complete List

If you’re a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid or just looking to start reading her work, here’s a list of her books in order:


Forever, Interrupted (2013)

Reid’s debut novel is a story of love, grief, and healing. Elsie Porter and Ben Ross fall in love almost instantly after meeting at a pizza shop on New Year’s Day. They are married five months later. Nine days after they elope, Ben is killed in a bike accident when he is hit by a truck. It isn’t until Ben’s death that Elsie meets her mother-in-law, Susan. This unique romance novel tells the love story of Ben and Elsie interweaved with the healing story of Elsie and Susan.

This book also goes by the title Supernova in some countries.

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

After I Do (2014)

Reid’s second novel is a story about a marriage in trouble. Lauren and Ryan decide to take a complete year off from each other in which they agree not to contact each other without any other rules for their break. The ultimate goal is that they fall back in love. The book is told from Lauren’s perspective. For her, it’s a journey of self-discovery. Topics explored include the meaning of marriage, when and why to fight for a marriage, and how to fall back in love after the fire goes out. Recommended for fans of Jane Green and Elin Hilderbrand.

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Maybe in Another Life (2015)

Have you ever thought about how things might have turned out differently if you made different choices? (Well, haven’t we all wondered that at one time or another?) This is the idea that Reid explores in Maybe in Another Life. The book follows the story of Hannah Martin, a young woman who is torn between two paths in life. The book shows two different outcomes playing out in concurrent storylines, and in both storylines she believes she has found her soulmate.

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

One True Loves (2016)

One True Loves is about Emma Blair, a woman who is faced with a difficult decision when her husband and high school sweetheart, who she thought was dead when he went missing at sea on their first wedding anniversary, suddenly reappears in her life. She finds herself having to decide between her husband and her fiance.

This novel explores themes of love, loss, and the power of forgiveness in this intensely emotional book. Readers describe this as a gut wrenching read. This book is being adapted for film, the expected release is April 13, 2023, with Phillipa Soo playing Emma Blair.

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is the first of Reid’s historical fiction novels that explores Hollywood in the 1950s to the 1980s. The story starts with Evelyn Hugo who is now an old woman choosing an unknown journalist for her tell-all interview. Hugo is portrayed as the most glamorous sought-after actress of her day with a complex love life.

Reid told Vogue that Hugo is inspired by a trio of famous movie stars: Elizabeth Taylor (who had seven husbands), Ava Gardner (who did a similar tell all later in life), and Rita Hayworth (who essentially had to scrub her Spanish background in order to be successful in Hollywood).

The book offers a glimpse of what it took for a woman to have success in Hollywood in those days and the image they were expected to portray, among many other themes. Reid does an amazing job of bringing these complex characters and relationships to life.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is hands down Reid’s most successful book with more than a million copies sold, more than 150,000 reviews on Amazon and 1.9 million reviews on Goodreads.

Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Evidence of the Affair (2018)

This is an Amazon/Audible exclusive. From the publisher: “A desperate young woman in Southern California sits down to write a letter to a man she’s never met – a choice that will forever change both their lives. The correspondence between Carrie Allsop and David Mayer reveals, piece by piece, the painful details of a devastating affair between their spouses.

With each commiserating scratch of the pen, they confess their fears and bare their souls. They share the bewilderment over how things went so wrong and come to wonder where to go from here. Told entirely through the letters of two comforting strangers and those of two illicit lovers, Evidence of the Affair explores the complex nature of the heart. And ultimately, for one woman, how liberating it can be when it’s broken.”

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones and the Six (2019)

To this day, Daisy Jones & the Six remains one of the most unique books I have ever read. The book explores the rise and fall of a legendary rock band in the 1970s. Told through a series of interviews with band members and others close to the group, this novel is a unique and engaging look at the music industry and the lives of those who live it.

If you’re someone who listens to audiobooks, I highly recommend listening to this one — it is done with a full-cast. It is written as a series of interviews with the former band members, and as I listened to it, I felt like I was listening to a documentary about a real 70s rock band.

Reid says that the story was inspired by Fleetwood Mac. Daisy Jones & the Six was the Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick for March 2019. The TV series based on the book was released on Amazon Prime on March 3, 2023.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Malibu Rising (2021)

Malibu Rising is a book about four siblings in the 1980s, who are also the children of a legendary rock star. The book is an exploration of the family dynamics and the relationships between the siblings, while also covering events from the 1950s to the present. Malibu Rising was the Read with Jenna pick for June 2021.

I have not read this book, but I’m intrigued by a story that takes place over one hot night in August and ends with a Malibu mansion burning to the ground. Sounds perfect for my summer reading list.

Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto is Back (2022)

Carrie Soto is Back is about an athlete who is past her prime trying to make a comeback in a sport she used to dominate. This book is described as Reid telling “her most vulnerable, emotional story yet.” This is a story about perseverance, vulnerability, and determination, which sometimes is a good thing and sometimes comes at a cost. I have not read this one yet, but this is another one that has summer written all over it.

Which Taylor Jenkins Reid Book are You Going to Read Next?

All of Reid’s books are well rated by her fans, especially her most recent books, from One True Loves to Carrie Soto Is Back. Have you read any of the books above? I would love to hear which ones you loved and which ones were not for you.

Which one do you want to try next? Of the ones I haven’t tried yet, I’m very intrigued by One True Loves and Malibu Rising.

What about you? Be sure to comment below letting us know which book you plan on reading next!

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