Are you looking for some Christmas romance novels to cozy up with this holiday season? If so, l have got you covered!

Christmas romance novels

If there is one time of year in which I am in the mood for a sappy romance novel, it’s the Christmas season. But I’m also on a mission to find well-written romance novels that aren’t full of smut. (I know some readers love the smut, but it’s not for me.)

If that sounds like the kind of Christmas romance book you’re looking for, then keep reading.

This is how I went about choosing the books for this list:

  • All the books on this list have a minimum 4 star average rating on GoodReads. I find that GoodReads reviewers tend to be a very honest (and tough) crowd, so if a book has a minimum 4 star rating on there, I consider that a serious accomplishment, and it is likely worth considering. (I’ve include the star ratings for each book. Please not these are the ratings as of this writing.)
  • For the ones I have read, I leave a Content Note about whether it is “Open Door” or “Closed Door.” Open Door meaning that the sex scenes happen on the page and are described in detail; Closed Door meaning that they happen off the page or don’t happen at all.
  • For the ones I haven’t read, I scour the reviews for details about the sex scenes. I will leave a note about what I find. (PLEASE leave a comment if I get my conclusion wrong.)

Also, if you know of any that would fit well on this list, please let me know. I wish I could read all the books (I mean, that’s my goal in life), but unfortunately there are just so many.

It’s my personal hope that you find a clutch of sweet holiday romance novels to give you those heart-warming feels we all love and need this time of year.

Let’s get reading!

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Top-Rated Christmas Romance Novels

countdown to christmas by jo thomas

Countdown to Christmas by Jo Thomas

The only part of Christmas that Chloe is looking forward to is the part where it’s over because it means that her son, Ruben, will be home after spending Christmas with his dad. The one thing that is getting her through each day is the Advent calendar Ruben made for her to help her track the days until his return. But the season turns into an adventure when she gets wind that there may be a piece of land in Canada that may belong to her. She’s tempted to sell it until she starts to fall in love with the town and the whole community there (and their obsession with maple syrup). And of course there’s also a handsome lumberjack. Fans say this book is about belonging, good food, and of course, romance.

  • Content Note: Readers say this book is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.49
Faking Christmas by Cindy Steel

Faking Christmas by Cindy Steel

Fans say this book has the just the right mixture of humor and romance combined with emotional depth. Olive accidentally tells a white lie to her family that she’s dating someone because she wants to avoid anyone trying to set her up. When asked his name, she makes up the name Miles. But then her co-worker Miles Taylor just happens to be staying at the same Vermont lodge where she’s spending Christmas with her family. Instead of confessing her lie, she gets Miles to pretend that they are dating. Not only is Miles Olive’s co-worker, he’s her arch-nemesis. Fans say this enemies to lovers romance has a great natural flow, and Olive and Miles are full of fun banter.

  • Content Notes: Readers say this book only contains kissing and is “relatively clean”
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.35
The Merry Christmas Project

The Merry Christmas Project by Cathy Bramley

Merry is fresh off of a break up, which happened after her boyfriend Daniel rejected her proposal. Merry moved into a cottage and decided to start a candle business. She is asked to bring fresh festive inspiration to her hometown’s annual event. Cole, a single dad, is focused on finishing his new house in time for Christmas so he can be reunited with his kids. As they both work on their projects, they unexpectedly find magic and joy in the air, leading to a surprising connection.

  • Content Note: Readers say this is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.24
The Wish Book Christmas by Lynn Austin

The Wish Book Christmas by Lynn Austin 

I didn’t even expect this book to be a romance at all, but it actually surprised me with two very sweet romances. This was my first Lynn Austin book, and it won’t be my last. This book is very well written with a lot of layers. Audrey and Eve are both widows and single moms. Their boys get ahold of the 1951 Sears Christmas Wish Book. But toys are fleeting and Audrey and Eve want their boys to know that there’s a lot more to Christmas than what shows up under the tree on Christmas morning. This book aims to teach them that lesson while Audrey and Eve are still healing from the loss they suffered during World War II. (This book is the sequel to the World War II historical fiction novel If I Were You.) This book was a five star read for me! It seriously surpassed my expectations.

  • Content Note: Kissing only
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.20

Click here to read my full review.

Scrooge and the girls next door

Scrooge and the Girls Next Door by Melanie Jacobson

This book is described as the Griswolds meets A Christmas Carol. Paige is a young single mom who has just moved into a fixer-upper cottage next door to Henry. Paige is sunshine and optimism with a colorful personality. Henry is a grumpy college professor who gets easily irritated and likes things the way he likes things. Paige and her daughter Evie are on a mission to transform Henry from a Christmas hater to a Christmas lover. In the process, Paige starts to develop feelings for the town scrooge. I love book that take place in small towns, which is why this one caught my eye.

  • Content Notes: Readers say this book has kissing only. There is a notable age gap between Henry and Paige, but readers say it feels natural.
  • Structure Notes: Dual point-of-view.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.19 Stars
  • Deals: As of this writing, this book is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.
holiday romance by catherine walsh

Holiday Romance by Catherine Walsh

I love a good friends to lovers romance, which is why this one grabbed my attention. Molly and Andrew have a 10 year friendship that first started when Andrew was dating Molly’s college roommate, and they both ended up on the same flight home to Dublin, Ireland from Chicago. While the relationship between Molly’s roommate and Andrew didn’t last, Molly and Andrew’s friendship did. For the next 10 years, they always take the more than seven hour flight home together. This year, there is a snowstorm that grounds all flights, which leads the two on an adventure as they find a way to make it home. In the meantime, they star to evaluate exactly what they mean to each other. Fans say this one is seriously swoon-worthy, and it is great on audio!

  • Content Note: Readers say this book is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.15 Stars
  • Deals: As of this writing, this book is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.
bright-lights big christmas by mary kay andrews

Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews

Many readers say that Mary Kay Andrews’ Christmas novels are must reads, which is why I’m excited to dive into Bright Lights, Big Christmas this year. Set in Greenwich Village, this delightful story follows Kerry Tolliver, a North Carolina native, as she embarks on a holiday adventure selling Christmas trees to New Yorkers. Along the way, Kerry forms bonds with the locals and finds herself using her “country know-how” to solve a mysterious disappearance. As the story unfolds, she also discovers a blossoming romance with Patrick, a charming single-dad. Packed with heartwarming moments and Andrews’ signature storytelling, this is the perfect book to cozy up with during the holidays. Don’t miss out on what early readers are describing as a “home run” of a Christmas novel that promises the ultimate escape.

  • Content Note: Early readers say this book is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.13
The christmas cookie house by Jennifer Griffith

The Christmas Cookie House by Jennifer Griffith

This book sounds like it has all of the feels and anxiety needed for a sweet Christmas romance novel. Leela Miller returns to Massey Falls to care for her father and takes on her mother’s role as chair of the Cookie House fundraiser. (Leela’s mother died the previous spring.) When their planned venue falls through, Leela finds the Layton Mansion, which Jay Wilson is renovating. They strike a deal: Leela can use the mansion for her event if she helps Jay clean out the attic. As they work together, a connection forms, but when the event clashes with Jay’s sale deadline, he must choose between his potential sale and his growing feelings for Leela. This book is only 155 pages, so if you’re looking for a quick read for Christmas, definitely check this one out.

  • Content Note: Described as a “Clean Romance.” If you like this book, this the first in an 8 book series called The Christmas House Romances.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.11
  • Deals: As of this writing, this book is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.
A cross country christmas by Courtney walsh

A Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh

This book has exactly the right kind of feels for a holiday romance, especially if you love a second chance romance. Lauren is a set director in Hollywood, who typically doesn’t make it home for the holidays, especially since home is 2,000 miles away in Illinois, and she has a fear of flying. But this year, her brother and sister-in-law are about to have a baby. Her brother arranges for Lauren to get a ride with his friend Will, who is also her childhood crush whom she hasn’t seen in more than 10 years. What will happen after the two are forced to spend hours alone in a car together? I personally love romance books about characters who already know each other because they typically include a lot of fun banter. Fans say this book is more than a romance. It also has themes of forgiveness, grace, dealing with family trauma, and more.

  • Content Notes: Reviewers say this one is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.03
The Christmas Dress by Courtney Cole

The Christmas Dress by Courtney Cole 

Meg Julliard never imagined she’d spend the holidays managing her late father’s Chicago apartment building. As a struggling fashion designer, she’s juggling urgent tenant requests along with her own dreams. But then she meets Ellie, an unexpected friend and one of the older residents. And when Ellie surprises her with a special dress for the building’s Christmas party, things take a whimsical turn. And of course there’s a charming handyman involved? This is a Christmas tale of friendship, dreams, and maybe a little bit of magical realism.

  • Content Note: Readers say this book is closed door.
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.02
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